Welcome to Socialist potato server!
Thank you for choosing our server we know that you had multiple better chooses of server to play on(because they actually have players)
Don't shank people
No killing cuffed personal
079 may not team kill
Do not cheat or exploit the game
Do not prolong the round(nuke will be active if you do so)
Do not harass people
Please do no Misuse your mic
Please be logical in your actions annoying/abusive behavior should be avoided
other rules will be copy and pasted from other servers
chaos can team with SCPs
D-class may plead with SCPs
Mtf&guards may not team with chaos or SCPs
scientist can team with everyone
Come join our discord! There is nothing in it! Be the first! https://discord.gg/TjE6ymb6
For information/questions/deaththreats/concerns please contact [email protected]