Welcome to (AU/NZ) Site-17 Event Server!
This is the server where events take place

Please read the rules here: (only 6 rules due to differences of servers)

1. Bullying is not allowed on the server
2. Do not try and run off away from the event unless it’s a valid reason
3. Follow standard SCP SL Rules (no hacking, no cheating)
4. No-No words are not allowed (swearing allowed, but N & FA word is not allowed.
5. Do not make any unfair advantages during events. (Meta-gaming - Meta gaming IS allowed but as long you are not exposing information where the last player is. Telling the person that the last target is afk is ok)
6. There is no rule 6. It just keeps popping up... again.

LCZ-Decon is disabled to keep events running in LCZ
All classes has infinity ammo and I tried to change that but it wont let me :/
Respawn time SHOULD be once every 1 MIN
Infinity Spawn Tickets forced to be removed due to causing lag.

If you are either banned & want to appeal, or want to make a suggestion about the event server, join our discord!

Note to Horths Basement, Chaos Bois & SCI-FI Group staff server owners: We have credits relating to you, we thank you for helping this server grow!

DISCORD: https://discord.gg/4Ygdc8y9Yd (Tell Staff if link expired)
YouTube: how about no