The BarnYard is a small SCP secret laboratory community that tries a more lax approach to its server running style.
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BarnYard's constitution
(General rules)
First amendment General Freedom of speech: This server has mostly free speech which means you are allowed to say Swears, just dont say slurs or be plain racist.
If you are caught saying slurs, you will be warned and if caught again you will be <color=#b00202>banned for three days.
Second amendment Dont be excessively toxic: Unironically harrassing someone.
Third amendment No hacking: Dont hack, If caught and proven guilty, you will be permanently banned.
Fouth amendment Dont Sexually harrass anyone
Fifth amendment Dont be an annoying young kid: You can be young and play on our servers, just dont be a whiny kid.
You will be muted if you are continuously annoying.
Sixth amendment Dont play Loud sounds just for the sake of it: Mic-spam allowed over intercom if audio or music isnt at extremely high volume levels or doesn't have really low sound quality causing stain to ears seeming like static, distortion or treble pitchy. The person will be muted and if they dont comply, sent to spectator
Have fun
(Game specific rules)
Seventh amendment Game delaying: If you are the last alive, you cant camp in a room so no one can kill you.
Eighth amendment D-boy KOS: You can kill D-class on sight.
(Friendly Fire rules)
Ninth amendment No intentional team killing If you are caught intentionally team killing, you will be warned, if you continue you will be bannedfor an hour.
Tenth amendment Auto banning You will be banned if you killed more then 8 teammates per round or if you kill more then 4 team member per life
Expect the guidelines to be updated somewhat frequently.