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1. Friendly Fire (No TeamKilling)
* It is considered Teamkilling if...
I. You do it directly or indirectly.
II. You crossteam to kill your teammates.

* It is NOT considered Teamkilling if...
I. A person is asked to be TKed.
II. You accidentally kill a teammate in crossfire.

2. No Cross-Teaming.
* Classes that are allowed to team up...
I. ClassDs & Scientists (But neutral till one of them is cuffed and escapes as the team they were cuffed by)

3. Don't use overly offensive language, such as homophobia, sexism, and racism.
# This rule is specifically targeting Slurs.

4. Don't excessively spam music, sounds, etc over intercom, voice chat and death chat.
# (Excessively) (Up to Staff Member to decide)

# You will be despawned if AFK, Maybe kicked (to make space) if it is for an extended period of time.

We hope you enjoy your time!