- Hosted in the UK
- Plenty of Server Roles available
- Friendly fire is disabled
- 049 can talk to humans
- Upgrade and Downgrade classes in 914
- 173 heals slightly with each kill
- 049-2 heals slightly with each kill
- 939-53 and 939-89 both heal a moderate amount with each kill
- Supply Drops
- AFK kick
- Auto warhead activation at 20 minutes

1. Do not team kill. - using teammates as bait or leading SCPS/Opposing Team to them intentionally. This is only permitted if the person who is going to die is on board with the plan. (For example, sacrificing their own life to ensure the nuke stays on.)

**2. Do not excessively micspam.** - constant earrape/persistent audio clips being played down mic/excessive use of intercom or radio.

**3. Please do as the staff say at all times.** - Do not interfere with a member of staff if they are doing their job, unless you were involved in the situation. Please be patient and we will take the time to listen to you. If you have an issue with a member of staff, please make a report about it in the reports channel in the Discord server.

3a. Do not publicise issues amongst players especially if you aren't involved in the situation. If you see a staff member abusing their power or dealing with the situation wrongly, please send a detailed report to the <#734804755699990630> channel where it will be appropriately dealt with.

**4. Do not ghost.** Meaning if you are a spectator, you can't tell a living player anything regarding the game; eg. chaos has spawned, last opponent locations or how many are alive etc.

**5. Do not RDM/KOS/Sabotage** As MTF Or a Guard, you cannot kill D-Class on site. You must first attempt to arrest them and give them commands to follow. If they do not obey you may then use other means of force.

5a. the commands can’t be conflicting and they can’t be instructing the D-Class to kill themselves
5b. You can also shoot D-class on sight, if you witness them killing another person or if you see them carrying a gun
5c. D-Class can be shot on sight if they are at the double doors near MTF spawn and are not arrested and there are no MTF following or standing beside them.
5d. Scientists can only kill D-Class if they aren't arrested and/or being escorted by MTF
5e. D-Class can only kill Scientists if they aren't arrested and/or being escorted by Chaos

**6. Do not harass people or discriminate, race, sex, sexual orientation etc.**

**7. Do not use game breaking glitches or exploits.** If you find any please immediately report them to staff.

**8. No self promotion.** - for the record having any links in your name is allowed but don't put links in channels or tell people in vc

Thank you from Hecktopia staff for taking the time to read. Happy playing!