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1. Do not team kill. (in servers with friendly fire enabled)

2. Do not earrape, or annoy people with intercom.

3. Do as the admins or mods say at all times.

4. Do not harass people.

5. Do not bring personal drama into the server.

6. Do not reveal another player's map location or role to other people.

7. Try not to kill D-Class on sight, it ruins the game for some people unless the D-class does not follow your commands

(However the commands can’t be conflicting and they can’t be instructing the D-Class to kill themself)

(D-Class can be shot on sight if they are at the double doors near the exit and are not arrested and there are no MTF following or standing beside them.)

(You can also shoot a D-class on sight, if you witness them killing another person)

8. Just because a female joins the server doesn't mean you all have to stop and talk to her, it holds up the game, and your probably not going to get her number anyway...

9. Do not discriminate, race, sex, sexual orientation etc.

10. Do not use game breaking glitches or exploits.