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KOS is allowed on Fridays from 12 AM EST to 11:59 PM EST!
- No KOSing of Detained personnel
- No uncuffing subjects just to kill them


You can use the command .heal on an scp with a medical item, such as a medkit, and you can heal them!





[1]: No holding the round up on purpose, if you are last alive, you will be informed, and your location said to others.

[2]: No begging for Staff, as this will be denied. If you wish to apply, you may apply on the discord.

[3]: No Mic spam (Excessively loud/Constant/Annoying music in global chats such as radio, scp chat, intercom, and spectator).

[4]: No KOS (Kill On Sight).
- D-Class Killing Scientists, Scientists Killing D-Class & Facility Guards/MTF Killing D-Class are all KOS and not allowed.
- D-Class are allowed to kill Facility Guards on sight as long as they are not surrendered.
- Chaos Insurgency are not allowed to kill Scientists. They must let them try to surrender before engaging.
- MTF/Guards are allowed to kill Chaos, and vice versa.
- If someone is BLATANTLY running from you, you are allowed to shoot them.
- If you see somebody holding a gun, or they are not following your orders, you are allowed to kill them.
- You are not allowed to KOS cuffed Scientists or D-Class.
- You are not allowed to give unreasonable orders, such as asking D-Class to kill themselves. This counts as KOS.
- Do not uncuff people at the exit.
- Punishment will be decided depending on severity for breaking this rule.

[5]: If you say you surrender as a D-Class / Scientist, you are to remain surrendered until you leave their sight for a decent amount of time. If you are caught killing someone after you have surrendered, you will be punished accordingly.

[6]: Any form of discrimination will result in a week long ban. This includes saying racial slurs such as the N word and F word. (This does not include "gay"). Any form of harassment is also not allowed. This also includes baiting with slurs, such as only saying half of the N word.

[7]: Teaming goes as follows.
- 096 is allowed to spare if you trigger him on purpose.
- Zombies are allowed to team with any human class as long as it does not hold up the round.
- SCPs and MTF are not allowed to team.
- D-Class, Scientists and SCPs are allowed to spare each other.
- SCPs are allowed to ask for information regarding locations of targets. This is limited to every class except Guards/MTF.
- Classes except MTF/Guards are allowed to bargain for freedom, such as if they are stuck. Once they are free, they must split up or fight.

[8]: Cheating/abusing exploits is not tolerated and will result in a permanent ban.

[9]: Don't target staff/content creators just because of who they are, if you are caught doing this over and over, it will result in a tempban.

[10]: Any spot that requires 018 to get to, or makes you unkillable, or relies on an in-game bug, is banned. You may use spots you can get to naturally (which means jumping/parkouring), but if a class cannot kill you if you are up there, you can't kill it. (Example: The camera spot in Entrance Checkpoint, you are allowed to be up there). SCPs are not allowed in any glitch spots. If you are seen in a banned spot, you will be punished accordingly.

[11]: Staff have final say in all arguments. If you have a concern about an unjust punishment, you may message any Senior Admins or higher on the discord. Staff are also allowed to punish at their discretion even if a rule is not stated.

(For admins, if you are seen abusing your power, such as spamming cassie, etc, you will be punished accordingly)


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