Banana's Bungalow

Please read the rules!

[1]: No holding the round up on purpose, if you are last alive, you will be informed.
[2]: No begging for permissions
[3]: No Mic spam, playing music in spectator/scp chat.
[4]: No KOS (Kill On Sight). This applies to D Class killing Scientist , Scientist killing D Class, and Facility Guard killing D Class. D Class ARE allowed to KOS Facility Guards as long as they are not surrendered. Chaos Insurgency ARE allowed to KOS scientist as long as they are not cuffed, but if they say they have a disarmer or there is one nearby, you are NOT allowed to kill them. MTF/Guards are allowed to KOS Chaos, and vice versa. You should refrain from shooting a cuffed personnel as much as possible. If you see somebody holding a gun, or they are not following your orders, you are allowed to kill them. The punishment will be decided depending on severity for breaking this rule.
[5]: If you say you surrender as a D-Class / Scientist, you are to remain surrendered until you leave their sight for a decent amount of time. If you are caught killing someone after you have surrendered, you will be punished accordingly.
[6]: Any form of discrimination will result in a week long ban. (This does not include "gay")
[7]: Teaming is allowed if it does not hold up the round. (Ex. Chaos & SCP).
[8]: Cheating/abusing exploits is not tolerated and will result in a permanent ban.
[9]: Don't target staff/content creators just because of who they are, if you are caught doing this over and over, it will result in a tempban.
[10]: Staff have final say in all arguments. If you have a concern about an unjust punishment, you may message any Senior Admins or higher on the discord.
[11]: Any form of sexual harassment is NOT ALLOWED and you will be punished for it depending on the severity. This may result in only a round mute to a week long ban.

Discord (Clickable):</size>

(For admins, if you are seen abusing your power, such as spamming cassie, etc, it will be taken away immediately without warning.)

THIS SERVER IS MODDED! (But not heavily)