SCP Rusted Facility

We are a fun little community server with active moderators. We host daily events around 6pm GMT. We would really love it if you got involved in our community by joining our discord server.

Click Here to join the Discord!

1. No using hacks, cheats, or exploits (All will result in a permanent ban)
2. No mic-spam in spectator or SCP chat
3. No teamkilling (Class D on Class D teamkilling is allowed)
4. No killing cuffed Class D (Unless they are refusing to follow commands) or killing class D who have agreed to be cuffed
5. Listen to moderators/admins (We are here to keep the server fun)
6. No intentionally holding up the round (Camping in rooms that nobody else can enter)
7. No verbal abuse towards other players or staff
8. Do not sabotage your team by closing doors or by changing #914 settings (Excluding Class D on Class D)
9. Do not attempt to impersonate staff
10. No advertising without staff permission

We are looking to work with some content creators (YouTube and Twitch). If anyone is interested in creating content on our server please contact an Admin on the Discord.
You can report players breaking rules in game; however, we usually requite evidence to act. Please send us your screenshots on the Discord. You can also appeal reports here.
To report admin abuse, please do not report via the in-gamer system. Contact RustySoul(DistortedPerception#2548) directly on Discord.
We try to provide 24/7 support. However, this isn’t always possible. If you want to help moderate the server, check the Discord for openings.