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SCP Forever
This server has gameplay changes via Plugins.

-=-Contact Info-=-
Email Contact: [email protected]
Discord: Click here.
1) You cannot kill Class D/Scientist on sight unless they're holding a gun.

2) You cannot kill any Class D/Scientist that is disarmed unless they aren't obeying you.
A) As Class D or Scientist you are allowed to kill the opposite class with no repercussion. This does not apply if the Class-D or Scientist is disarmed.
B) If a Class-D/Scientist is known to have killed someone of your faction, you may kill them
C) If Scientists or Class D do something to potentially result in your death (i.e. Closing doors on you, Purposefully luring SCPs over to you, etc) then you may KOS them.
D) If a Guard tells you to follow them but does not cuff you, you will still be considered KOS for not following orders.

3) Do as the admins say at all times. (You don't have to follow this rule if they're actually playing the round)

4) Do not micspam in Spectator chat or on Intercom. Doing either will result in a warn followed by a permanent mute if not followed the second time.

5) Discriminatory language (racism, sexism, etc.) and any form of bullying or harassment will be a swift and instant ban.

6) Ghosting is not allowed.

7) You may only team with classes you can win with. Only exceptions are any Disarmed people and temporary agreements (such as MTF and Chaos agreeing SCPs are a bigger threat). You may only team with revealed spies or spies holding their original team's card.

8) Hacking will result in a permanent ban.

9) These rules can be changed without notice.

10) Killing yourself as SCPs is not allowed unless you are stuck.

11) Stream sniping will result in a ban.

12) If Spies cuff MTF/Chaos with the intention of converting them, the spy will receive punishment.

13) You cannot draw anything discriminatory. (Swastikas, N words, Any message going against rule 5)

14) Trolling will result in bigger punishments.

All SCPs can talk in local chat. Press your Noclip keybinding (LeftAlt) to toggle it!
All SCPs, Class D, and Scientists can class change.
You can teleport to a random room using the Coarse setting on SCP-914, this however will deal damage based on how far in the Facility you got teleported.
All MTF and Chaos can be disarmed and turned into the opposite class at the escape tunnel.
Spies can spawn during Spawnwaves.

-=-=-Custom 914 upgrades-=-=-

-=-Class Changes-=-

Class D
Rough - 50% Chance to Turn to Scientist

Rough - 50% Chance to Turn to Class D

All SCPs
Very Fine - Has a chance to become any other SCP other than itself. 049-2 are exempt from this. Nor can you turn into 173, as it breaks other 173s' blink timers.


Fine - Janitor Card

Very Fine - Chance to become anything