[EU] Shrim SCP

Server Location: Germany

For any issues contact @Fruitcacke or @PufferPLS on discord.

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1. Teaming is allowed if it doesn't stall the round or cause inconveniences for your teammates.

2. Hate speech or discrimination is not allowed in any shape or form. This includes slurs or other terms that incite violence against specific groups.

3. No mic spam/earrape in spectator chat, scp chat, radio or intercom. You can play loud music or use a soundboard, but you have to stop if asked to.

4. No hacking/exploiting. This includes jumping on unreachable spots on the map.

5. Do not beg admins for roles, items, etc.

6. Use English only to talk ingame. You can talk or say words in other languages briefly, but no long conversations without English.

7. No trolling/griefing your team by intentionally locking them in rooms, repeatedly closing doors on them, destroying items etc. An exception to this rule are D-class which are still in LCZ.

8. Don't delay the round by camping, not escaping as D-class/Scientist or sparing multiple humans as SCP.

9. Staff has the final say over any issues.