(AU)Containment Zone
We hope you enjoy your time on our server :)

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Containment Zone uses plugins to greater improve gameplay and allow us to host events

1. No hacking is allowed under any circumstances at all. If caught hacking, you will be banned from this server.

2. Excessive camping will result in you being slain and banned if it becomes a recurring offense

3. No teaming or Metagaming

4. Harassment, racism, sexism, and toxic behavior will not be tolerated and will result in a ban

5. No advertising is permitted unless given permission from the server owner on our Discord.

6. Mic spamming is allowed, however it should not be excessive and should not be annoying to others

7. Team killing is not allowed any extensive or targeted killing will result in you being banned

8. If you are found out to be using the double jump bug you will be slain instantly