It's been a long time since this server has been down, it won't be no more! It's back and possibly going to stay for a LOT longer!

Feel like joining? Make sure to check out our rules first before joining!
Also, Highly recommend to join our Discord Server!
And check out our Website!
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Discord Server: discord.gg/fHYTVgQR9k
Website: https://www.comehaveagoodtime.com/


0. Should behavior that is not listed in this ruleset be deemed inappropriate or a detriment to this server, action may be taken freely, regardless of what the rules say.
# This rule HAS PRECEDENCE over ALL other rules!

1. Friendly Fire (No TeamKilling)
* It is considered Teamkilling if...
I. You do it directly with a Gun and/or Grenade.
II. You team up to kill your teammates.

* It is NOT considered Teamkilling if...
I. A person if asked to be TKed.
II. A ClassD kills another ClassD.
III. You accidentally kill a teammate in crossfire.

2. No Cross-Teaming
* Classes that are allowed to team up...
I. ClassDs & Scientists (But neutral till one of them is cuffed and escapes as the team they were cuffed by)
II. ClassDs\Chaos Insurgency & SCPs

3. No IRL threats toward players or the server

4. Don't use overly offensive language, such as homophobia, sexism, and racism.

5. Listen to staff
# If there is an abusive staff member, contact management with proof.

6. Don't request roles, items or respawn.

7. No Hacking
# Using a Client that uses an unfair advantage will result in a ban from the server and the game as well.

8. Do not ignore staff when they are issuing a warning

9. Don't excessively spam music, sounds, etc over intercom, voice chat and death chat.
# (Excessively) (Up to Staff Member to decide)

* Staff Warning Policy

001. Staff Interpret the rules and give punishment based on the severity of each case.

002. Staff can give a VERBAL WARNING in cases that are just very minor.
Staff can give 1 Warning if they deem necessary.
Staff can give 2 Warnings in Severe Cases.
Staff can issue a Temp Kick or Perm Ban if the situation calls for it.

003. TEAMKILL will result in 1 warning, but Mass Teamkill will result in 2 Warnings and a temporary kick.
# Teamkill that is constant and continues will result in a ban.

004. Intercom mutes, and mutes will occor if staff members deem it neccesary (Rule 9)(Go to discord and contact a staff member if you wish to appeal)

005. You will be banned on your third warning


[What are the 914 settings?](Dropped & Held)

[What are pocket dimension settings?](Unknown)

[What mods/plugins are installed on the server?](None at the moment)