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NSFW Content is strictly forbidden. This content includes but not limited to: Pornographic Audio, overly graphic audio, names, and wall art.

The punishment will depend on the severity of which the player in question broke the rule. Average ban lengths is three(3) days.

Music Spam is prohibited in universal channels: Spectator/Lobby, Intercom, Radio. After three verbal warnings, the offending user is to be muted unless audio is considered 'ear rape', then the user is to be immediately muted/kicked.

The punishment will depend on how many warnings or punishments you've been given before. Mutes will vary.

Teaming is acceptable when used to dispatch a common enemy. When no common enemy is present within the round: a verbal or written explanation against teaming will be issued. If teaming persists, one or more parties may be sent to spectator until the behavior is corrected.

Accepted teams are the following: MTF/Security/Scientists VS SCP/Chaos/D-Class. MTF and Chaos may team against SCP's until the threat is neutralized.

The punishment will be a verbal warning before removal from the round if the teaming continues.

Camping results in delaying a round by remaining in one place where others cannot reach you. When camping persists, the player will be pushed out as the staff see fit. (ie: a well placed vase, spectator, etc.). (USERS MAY CAMP ON SURFACE)

The punishment will be round manipulation or removal from the round.

Sabotaging a player's own team is prohibited. These actions include inappropriate use of generators, leaking locations, negotiating with/releasing SCPs, etc.

The punishment will depend on how severe the infraction is. Users will be given verbal warnings, they will be removed from the round, or even kicked/banned.

Kill On Sight(KOS) Is when a Guard Personnel kills a D Class Personnel without ample time for surrender. It may also be when the respective Military Class(MC) kills someone else's detainee. [The latter may fall under Team Sabotage if you so desire.]

Military Classes can detain other Military Classes. If an enemy Military Class is detained by one of your teammates, killing them, un-detaining them and killing them, or sabotaging their ability to get the enemy class out and changed into their team will result in a Sabotage punishment.

The punishment is a variety of verbal warnings before a ban. Ban durations are usually three days.