Welcome to the UnderGround HideOut! Please make sure you read the rules below, join the discord, and have a fun time!

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In-Game Server Rules
1. No teamkilling at any time. If the owner catches you TKing, you will be turned into a grenade.
2. No political, rude, or personal opinions should be said in-game.
3. Teaming is allowed, as long as it does not hold the round up.
4. No Racial slurs or harassment at any time.
5. No real-life threats or suicide threats.
6. Mic-spamming is allowed, as long as everyone is okay with it
7. Constantly tranquilizing people (3 times in 15 seconds) is not allowed.
8. Arguments and fights through voice will not be accepted
9. Please try to keep rude comments towards someone to an extent.
10. Don't be a jerk, and have fun!

Active Server Plugins
----Respawn Timer - ACTIVE
----Spectator ShootingRange - ACTIVE
----WaitAndChill - ACTIVE
----UIU Rescue Squad - ACTIVE
----Serpents Hand - ACTIVE
----Lockdown - ACTIVE
----Common Utilities - ACTIVE
----SCP 1162 - ACTIVE
----Stalky 106 - ACTIVE
----NukeLock - ACTIVE
----RemoteKeycard - ACTIVE
----CustomItems - ACTIVE

Some Server Information
914 Info
-Putting a coin in 914 on fine turns it into a Janitor Keycard!
-Anyone can go in 914 on Rough to teleport to CD Spawn, but it will hurt!
Spawn Info
-Every class has 15-second spawn protection!
-Class Ds spawn with a coin, flashlight, and sometimes a Janitor Keycard!
-Chance of a Chaos Spawn at the beginning of a round is 35%
-The chance of UIU replacing an MTF spawn is 60%
-The chance of SH replacing a CI spawn is 50%
Other Information
-Every SCP can hold V to use proximity chat, like SCP 939
-Serpents Hand and CI can team all the time, just like CI and SCPs teaming.
-Guards/NTF/Chaos can be detained by opposite sides and be turned into opposite teams by escaping!
-LCZ Decontamination is disabled
-The change of a sinkhole spawning in LCZ is 70%
-You WILL keep your items when you escape
-The warhead automatically detonated 30 minutes into the round and cannot be disabled!
-The Pocket Dimension has 4 possible exits! (Parabellum broke this)

Enjoy the server at its current state!