UnderGround HideOut


Welcome to the UnderGround HideOut! A server full of awesome plugins and custom maps! Please make sure you read the rules below, join the discord, and have a fun time!

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In-Game Server Rules
1. No teamkilling at any time. If the owner catches you TKing, you will be turned into a grenade.
2. No political, rude, or personal opinions should be said in-game.
3. Teaming is not allowed in any way.
4. No Racial slurs or harassment at any time.
5. No real-life threats or suicide threats.
6. Mic-spamming is not allowed in isolated chats (intercom, spec. chat, etc.)
7. Do not spam the tranquilizer gun
8. Arguments and fights through voice will not be accepted
9. Please try to keep rude comments towards someone to an extent
10. Do not hold the round-up by hiding in a custom room, such as The Backrooms or a custom Containment Chamber. If you do accidentally end up stuck in one, let radiation kill you.
11. Hacking/exploiting is not permitted at all and is a permanent ban.
12. Camping a spawn wave or in the same place for over a minute is not allowed.
14. Don't be a jerk, and have fun!

More gameplay info can be found in #game-plugin-info in the discord server.

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Contact us at [email protected] for any questions!

Enjoy the server at its current state!