Eternal Containment [EU-CENTRAL]

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1) No Teamkill and MTK (killing your class, except D-class)
2) No hacks
3) Ban evasion
4) No Teaming (even SCP and CI)
5) No Griefing!
6) No Voice spam
7) No false reports
8) Delaying/stalling the game
9) It's prohibited to use Information from spectator mode to your advantage
10) No insulting of AT
11) No "toxic" behavior
12) No Shadowhitting
13) No promoting of other servers
14) Don't shoot in Jail and do not disturb AT at work
15) No disconnecting as SCP
16) Do not constantly ask for a position in the AT
17) Prohibition to look for cracks/loopholes in the rules
18) Prohibition of playing songs and sounds in the spectator mode, intercom and radio
19) !!! Not reading the rules is not excused !!!