Ludos Servers

Welcome, please read the rules!

Happy October!! Enjoy the spoopy scenery!

General Server Rules:

[1]:No hacking <size=8>of course
[2]:No mic spamming/music in global voice chats. (This includes non-soundboard sounds)
[3]:Killing D-class/Scientists isn't allowed unless they have a weapon and/or don't surrender.
[4]:SCPs can team with Chaos unless it holds up the round.
[5]:No toxicity & racism (slurs, etc.).
[6]:Keep it chill. No need for arguments, this is an SCP game!</size>
[7]:Keep it english!

Server info

Gameplay Changes (All Servers):
Guards get a higher ammo limit (360 ammo) And spawn with 180.
914 upgrades on held and dropped.
Pocket dimension exits are randomized.

Server Location:</color>
<size=12>US-Central - Esser's Basement, Nebraska, USA

US-South-East - Atlanta, Georgia, USA</color>

Join the discord (
<size=10>You can also see the plugins list in #scp-secret-lab channel on the discord!

<align="center"><size=15>Temporary Announcement(s):
- Due to a bug, opening the medical cabinets will make you disconnect.