Ludos Servers

Hi there, please read the rules!

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General server Rules

[1]: Have common sense, moderators will take action at their own discretion.
[2]: No excessive mic spamming/music in global voice chats.
[3]: You may not kill ANY cuffed personnel.
[4]: Teaming is allowed unless it holds up the round.
[5]: No toxicity & racism (slurs, etc.).
[6]: No hacking
of course

<color=#00a326>Server info

Gameplay Changes (All Servers):
- 914 upgrades on dropped and held items.
- Slightly Modified Surface.<b>
- Sprinting is faster, about 1.2 times faster than normal.
- In the pre-lobby, you will be able to move freely in a room.
- There will be a timer before you spawn while you're spectating.
- The server runs at 75tps. (This will make timers run slightly faster but gameplay will look smoother)

<b>This server uses CedMod, a moderation/utility plugin.

If you want to sync your role in our discord, or appeal a ban, you'll need to register an account with CedMod.
You can register your account here:

Server Location(s)</color>
<size=13>US Midwest - Chicago, IL, USA

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Server Info last updated on: August 31st, 2023

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