Ludos Servers

Welcome, please read the rules!

Join our discord server, you can find the link under the server locations!

General server Rules

[1]: No hacking <size=8>of course
[2]: No mic spamming/music in global voice chats. (This includes non-soundboard sounds)
[3]: You may not kill ANY cuffed personnel.
[4]: Teaming is allowed unless it holds up the round.
[5]: No toxicity & racism (slurs, etc.).
[6]: Have common sense, moderators will take action at their own discretion.</i></size>
[7]: The main language for this server is English.

Server info

Gameplay Changes (All Servers):
- 914 upgrades on held and dropped.
- Pocket dimension exits are randomized.
- Sprinting is faster, about 1.2 times faster than normal.
- SCP-106 can stalk (teleport to a random player) with a cooldown of 60 seconds.
- You can SCP Swap.
- Includes a surface armory that needs a medium level armory card.
- The facility restarts doors every 2-4 minutes.
- Teslas are disabled for all facility personnel (not including Class-D)
- You can fall into 106's portal if you stand over it. (Currently disabled on the central servers)
- In the pre-lobby, you will be able to move freely in a room.
- There will be a timer before you spawn while you're spectating.
- Includes an armory in Gate B that needs a medium level armory card.
- Custom items!
- You can push people with .push
- Teslas are disabled for MTF & Scientists
- 173's speedboost is buffed
- Slightly Modified Surface

.push (Allows you to push players including SCPs)

You can bind commands by opening your player console (`) and typing cmdbind (key) (command)

Server Location:</color>
<size=12>US-Central 1 - Esser's Basement, Nebraska, USA

US-Central 2 - Kansas City, Missouri, USA
AU-East - Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Join the discord (

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