Ludos Servers

Welcome, please read the rules!

This server is NOT a RP server!

General Server Rules:

[1]:No hacking <size=8>of course
[2]:No mic spamming/music in global voice chats.
[3]:No killing D-class/Scientists unless they have a weapon and don't surrender.
[4]:You can team with Chaos as long as it does not hold up the round.
[5]:No toxicity. As in no calling people names and harassing
[6]:Keep it chill. No need for arguments.</size>
[7]:No team killing for no reason other than for revenge!

Server info

US-East: New York, New Jersey, USA
US-Central: Kansas City, KS/MO, USA

Join the discord
You can also see the plugins list in #scp-secret-lab channel on the discord!

<align="center"><size=15>Temporary Announcement(s):
- Server in development! Suggestions are appreciated!