D-Boi Breakout


1: No TK, There is some allowed TK though
2: No mic spamming [This includes playing music while your a spectator and ear rape at anytime]
3: No Racism
4: No bullying
5: Cross teaming is Allowed
6: Just use common sense
7: SCPSL rules also still apply, like no hacking and shit
8: No loopholes to get around the rules

Allowed TK
1: Revenge TK (People might TK you anyways)
2: Class-D can TK in light containment ONLY
3: Special/Event Round TK, ONLY if staff say its allowed
4: Staff-Staff TK, staff can TK each other if they both have their tags showing
5: Duels, if someone asks you to TK them or if you wanna have a 1v1

Extra Info
Tranq Gun: USP with a Silencer
Console: `/~ for console
SCP-049: 049 can talk like 939
SCP-106: 106 can double click create portal to stalk players
SCPSwap: within the first 2 minutes of spawning as an scp you can do .scpswap <scp number> in Console to switch scps
Sinkhole: Sinkholes will send you to 106's pocket dimension