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This server is our Lightly Modded version of SiteFunnyArea where all the plugins here are just QoL Plugins and properly balanced for gameplay. There is not that many plugins, nor is there too many strict rules, just having a good time is the only thing we aim for.

💬 Join our discord here: https://discord.gg/MqA9Ev2DNF

Here are the rules to the server, be sure to read them!
1: Please do not use any hack clients, abuse major exploits, or anything that could affect gameplay in a harmful way.
2: No extreme amounts of toxicity or offensive language, though dark jokes are allowed in good judgement. Everyone is here to play the game for fun, so just let it be.
3: KOS is allowed, though killing detained Class D Personnel or Science Personnel is strictly forbidden. When someone detains someone else, the one that detained the player is in charge of the shots.
4: Soundboards are allowed in good judgement. If someone is spamming very loud sounds or offensive sounds, it will result in a mute. Though anything outside of that is left up to the players to mute themselves via player list mute.
5: Teaming is allowed for short term periods of time. No teaming that will keep the game going for a long duration of time, if you are the last ones, you are enemies no matter what.
6: Do not abuse the report system on the server. If you think there is an actual bug, player report, or staff report that has to be made, then make sure to provide detail and reasonable logic.
9: Last, all staff on the server have final say. Though they are not to abuse any powers, nor will they be strict towards you. We are all here to have a good time and keep the quality the best it can be.

<align="center">Plugin List:

Spectator List

Respawn Timer


Remote Keycard

[CUSTOM] Vending Machines


SCP 3114 Modification


SCP Swap