UnderGround HideOut

Server 1

Welcome to UnderGround HideOut! We are a chill server dedicated to fun! Join our discord below!

Discord (Click Me)
CedMod (Click Me)

Server Rules
1. Show respect to everyone. No discrimination is allowed under any circumstance
2. KOS is not allowed on detained players or players outside of light
3. ONLY people that are 13 or above can play
4. Exploiting is allowed as long as you don't abuse them
5. Mic spam is allowed as long as no one tells you to stop. If someone asks you to stop, you must stop
6. No stalling
7. No cheating or else you will be perma-banned
8. If a staff member is ever doing something they shouldn't, you can always report them</size>


CedMod - Main moderation plugin, as well as roles

Server Location:
[US - Central]
Kansas City, Missouri

To appeal for a ban, follow the instructions in the #appeals</u> channel in our Discord Server.

Have Fun!!</align>