Welcome to the Maidenless Haven
New player friendly :)
Rules Include:

1. Don't ask for things from mods
2. Soundboards are allowed, only in proxy and not deadchat
3. No hacking (duh)
4. No KOS on cuffed D-Boys or Scientists
5. Do not send your personal info!
6. Don't be toxic, this is meant as a safe haven
7. Do not hold up rounds

Fixed the problem with dying inside 914 when rough was turned on
Fixed the Server Name
MTF Captain's have 50 more HP, and Seargent's have 25 more HP
SCP 096 is now a 1 hit killer
Working on fixing the lose inventory on escape
Fixed more grammatical mistakes

Following Plugins have been added:
Common Utilities, Remote Keycard, SCP Speech
More Plugins coming in the future

Servers are based in Texas USA