1. Offensive slurs will not be tolerated and will result in a temporary ban if repeated it'll just be a longer ban.

2. Teaming with SCP's is not allowed unless you're a Class-D, or CI, though you can be spared by the SCP's. If found teaming with SCP's as one of the roles not listed you'll be told to kill each other if not followed you'll be force-classed as a spectator, or kicked.

3. Security/MTF cannot kill Class-D's unless they're armed, teaming with SCP's, or disobeying orders. If found killing Class-D with no good reason you'll be kicked, if repeated you'll be temp banned.

4. MTF, Scientist, and Security may not team with CI, or SCP's. Scientists may be spared by either CI, or SCP's. If found teaming with CI, or SCP's you'll be ordered to fight if not following the order both SCP's and/or CI and you will be force-classed to spectator.

5. Scientist can team with Class-D.

6. Scientist, and Class-D may kill whomever they want except for CI, and their fellow Class-D's. (Which is why TK is off)

7. Mic spam is not allowed on intercom. pre-game lobby, Spectator Chat, SCP voice chat, and Radio but you are allowed to mic-spam in-game in proximity chat. (SCP-939 may mic-spam in proximity chat "V") If you mic-spam in intercom, or any of the other things listed you'll be temp muted, if repeated more than twice perm muted.

8. Don't delay the game.

9. Keep toxicity to a minimum. Don't try to hurt others.