Welcome to ICUP Gaming a new server that has just been opened we hope you enjoy or stay but here our some rules!

1. Do not exploit

2. Do not cheat

3. Do not disrespect staff or members

4. Do not attempt to crash the server

5. Do not be in a room for too long between 10 to 5 mins (Door will be opened automatically

6. Do not hold up the game for example if there is one d-class and you don't kill him and ignore him that's holding up the game
witch a server staff will end the game themselves

7. Do not mic spam

8. SCP's are not allowed to door camp (Aka being behind a door)

9. Do not team with MTF as SCP (This counts as holding the game if you're the only one) but you can team with d-class
and chaos

10. If your a D-Class/Scientist and if your disarmed and you dropped a weapon on the floor, NTF/Chaos can kill the disarmed person ONLY if they did not say anything about the weapon

11. Leave gates open once you have it open (So SCP's are not stuck in the facility still)

12. Do not trap SCP's in doors they can not open the door will open by staff teams

13. As 079 you can not TK your fellow other SCP but we can kill everyone else if you wish to

If you wish to join the discord here is the linkL: https://discord.gg/pVq3HbU