Welcome to [US] Site Chaos 2.0!</align>

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Growing community!

This is the US version of Site Chaos, It is still the same but with more plugins than the original!


- No Homophobia/Transphobia, racism.
- No slurs/Racial slurs
- Don't be annoying
- Don't cheat. We're watching you. (if you cheat or not that is)
- KOS is allowed
- Don't mic spam over intercom, spectator chat and SCP chat.
- No round delaying! (Sitting in rooms for long time)
- No cross-teaming.
- common sense!
-Do NOT leave as an scp just because you don't want to play as them (Especially 049-2)

Pink Candy Returns!
Coin flip pocket dimension escape (Use coin in pocket)
Auto Event!
Scp Swap!
EXILED Common Utilites
Spectator list
Remote keycard
Respawn Timer
Proximity chat
Increased amount of ammo+Items (Not a Plugin)
6 candy instead of 2

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