Doctor's Hell
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Rules and Guidelines

Do not cheat.
This includes using external programs/modifications to improve aim, visibility, movement, and awareness. Use of these is a permanent IP ban and a report to global moderators.

Do not KOS D-class or scientists.
Guards and MTF may not KOS D-class unless they are seen with a weapon or are resisting orders. Same with CI, they may only kill scientists if they have weapons or are resisting orders.

Do not be toxic.
This includes excessive/annoying micspam, toxic/offensive speech, use of racial/homophobic slurs, and being a total twatwaffle. This will lead to a mute or a ban depending on the severity. Micspam is allowed if it is not fucking awful.

No excessive teaming.
Don't completely ruin the game by teaming. As an example, a facility guard and SCP-939 could not work together to kill others, but a D-class could be spared in exchange for an opened door.

Play the fucking game.
AFK players will be kicked. If you're not AFK but aren't actively participating either, you will be asked to participate. If you do not listen, you will be kicked. If you come back and STILL don't participate, you will be banned for half an hour.

Don't be an asshole to your teammates.
This includes killing cuffed D-class and scientists, being abnoxious over the radio, purposefully getting in the way of their gunfire, etc.

Don't help rulebreakers.
If you are caught helping rulebreakers, you will be met with the same punishment.

Report rulebreakers.
If someone hasn't already reported a rulebreaker, report them yourselves in the Discord server. If they are missing crucial information, feel free to add it yourself. Staff members are NOT allowed to abuse their powers unnecessarily. They are allowed to do event rounds if players agree, but if they are using their powers incorrectly during a normal round please report them with evidence if possible, though evidence for staff reports is not absolutely necessary as we have command logs.