[EN/NL] Monsters Inc.

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Do not intentionally kill your teammates.
| Teams are defined in the section below.
EXCEPTION : SCPs can work with D-Class and Chaos Insurgency.

Speak either Dutch or English.
| No, you won't be banned for saying baguette

Do NOT use any racist/discriminatory/offensive terms.
| This also applies to your username.
| No exceptions to this rule, do not try to find the limit.

Do not earrape or excessively micspam.
| Micspam includes: making annoying sounds, screaming, playing music.
TIP : As a rule of thumb, just stop when people ask you to stop.

Do not hack, cheat, use mods or exploit any bugs/glitches to give you an advantage or ruin other people's game.

Do not team with a player you are supposed to fight or capture.

Breaking any of these rules will result in a punishment of which the size depends the severity of the offense.

Just use your instinct to tell if someone is allowed or not. If something is not clear, feel free to ask it on Discord or to an in-game staff member.

What are the teams?
SCP personnel Terrorists Other
Facility Guard D-Class SCP
MTF Chaos Insurgency