Welcome to The Fish Tank! We're a chill server looking to make a... chill community.

Be sure to check out the Discord and Fishy's other social medias to keep up-to-date with the server and engage with the community!:




1. No bigotry of any kind including racism, sexism, or any other form of discrimination.

2. No cheating, hacking, or anything of that kind

3. No killing cuffed personnel. The only reason you should do this is if the detained individual is not listening to reasonable orders

4. Do not grief/sabotage your team purposefully. This includes:
A. Shutting several doors on teammates right behind you (3+ doors)
B. Teaming with an opposing faction for a long period of time (sparing enemies or temporary alliances against a common threat are allowed)
C. Just being a general annoyance

5. Be respectful to other players. Constant, extreme, or serious toxicity will not be tolerated.

6. No mic-spam or exceedingly loud audio in places where it cannot be avoided (Intercom, Radio, SCP Chat, Pre and Post Game Lobby, etc.)

7. No Camping or prolonging the round for an overly long time, the maximum time you can wait in the same spot is around 2 minutes.