<b>Gooseo's Lake

https://discord.gg/B3mHNHb5h9 (Clickable)

Support us:
https://www.patreon.com/GooseosLake (Clickable)


For a list of plugins, please join our <color=yellow>Discord and view the #plugin-info channel, this contains information about all our plugins and gameplay changes.</color>


<b>Server Rules

1. No discrimination, hate against any race, gender, nationality, age etc is not allowed. We have a zero toleration policy against slurs of any kind, this will result in a instant ban.
<br>2. Mic spamming is not allowed scp chat, radio, intercom and spectator chat. Music in proximity chat is generally allowed as long as it isn't too loud or breaks other rules.
<br>3. Sexual harassment in any form is strictly prohibited. We enforce a zero tolerance policy against sexual offences, this will result in an immediate ban from all our platforms and you being reported to Northwood.
Intentionally sabotaging your team is not allowed. For example:
- Killing other SCPs as SCP-079.
- Locking teammates up inside rooms.
- Closing doors on teammates.
- MTF disabling generators.
Note: Class-D are exempt from team sabotage.

<br>5. Bug abuse / exploiting is not allowed, if you see a bug please report it via our Discord. Cheating through the use of unfair game modifications is not allowed and will result in potential global ban from SCP:SL
<br>6. Teaming is not allowed unless you require the help of an enemy in order to survive, such as being locked in a room with someone as an SCP
<br>7. This server is English, please refrain from speaking other languages.
<br>8. Don't delay the round, for example camping while being the last player.
- If you’re the last remaining target/s you’re to escape if it can end the game. otherwise, it will be counted as round delay.

<br>9. Follow steam TOS, if you are under the age of 13 we'll have to ban you.

Staff have the right to punish even if you're not breaking a specific rule. Don't find loop holes to get around rules.