Chaos Theory
Welcome to Chaos Theory (Unlimited SCP)!
We are the official reboot of Unlimited SCP after it was deleted and have all of the original Unlimited SCP plugins on our server!

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1. No racism, homophobia, or language that targets a group of people

2. Do not do anything that delays the round. (Camping in places that are harder for others to get to. EX: Nuke, 049s, Light)

3. Do not break teaming guidelines

4. No micspam/playing music in any global chat including spectator, intercom or radio. You may micspam while running around in game with proximity chat. No earrape at all.

5. No NSFW over mic

6. No Extreme Toxicity

7. No Political Extremism

8. Do not abuse exploits

9. KOS and killing cuffed people is allowed. Do not report people for it!

10. Do not abuse the reports system

11. Do not impersonate staff

12. The Administration Team has the right to punish a member for an item that is not directly discussed in these rules, if it violates any "common sense" and good etiquette rules one should follow.

Teaming Guidelines:
- No Teaming with teams that are not on your team.
- Exceptions to the rule is cuffed personal who can be cuffed and escape to join another faction.
- Dclass and Chaos Insurgency can freely team with SCPs and Serpents Hand.
- Dclass and Scientists can team with each other against SCPS

<b><color=#006400>Credit to: TtroubleTT, Emilee, Beryl, CTCookie