[EU-West] Albert Heijn [NLD]

Discord: https://discord.gg/9GNSZfkF7M
Website: https://albert-heijn.cmod.app

</b> Please speak either Dutch or English. Also you require a working microphone.
2. Do not insult other players.
3. Do not cheat or gain other unfair advantages.
4. Always follow the instructions of a staff member.
5. No teamkilling is allowed (except for Class-D in LCZ).
6. You may only use a soundboard in prox. chat or Intercom, but you need to stop if someone asks you to do so.
7. You are not allowed to swear with the c-word, n-word etc. in this server.

Gameplay Changes:
SCPs can use Proximity Chat using your No-Clip key (usually ALT).
Chaos are no longer targets for SCP.
You have an increased chance of getting the pink candy out of SCP-330.
When Chaos or MTF are cuffed by the other team and escape, they will switch to the opposite faction.


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