Welcome to Evergreen!

Join our Discord at https://discord.gg/fSAt6kKenj! It means a lot to us.

Server Rules:
1. No hateful behavior or discrimination is allowed, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. This includes the use of offensive language.

2. Be respectful and kind to staff and other players.

3. No sexually inappropriate behavior, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE.

4. No teaming across the Chaos Insurgency or MTF. There is no teaming with the SCPs if you are MTF. The Chaos Insurgency may not team with the SCPs if there are no MTF left. (SCP-173 cannot "spare" a Chaos Insurgent if there is knowledge or suspicion that no MTF are left). SCP-173 and MTF must kill on sight.

5. No hacking, cheating, or abusing plugins of any kind.

6. No repeated soundboard usage in SCP chat, Spectator chat, or Radio. Occasional usage is fine, just don't repeat the same clip 5 times in the span of 10 seconds, etc.

7. Do not shoot or otherwise inflict harm on visibly unarmed, or detained Class-D before the first spawn wave.

8. Follow any additional rules or instructions provided by the staff during gameplay.

Thank you for reading the server rules!