The Play Pen SCP Servers #3 (backup)

To join our community, click here!

This is our main event server! It is not uncommon to find moderators goofing off or causing chaos! Have fun!

Server Rules:
1. Flaming, harassment, and any behavior deemed insulting or derogatory is prohibited.
2. We condemn any racial and any anti-Semitic words, comments, usernames included.
3. Mic Spamming is not allowed.
- Broadcasting overly-loud and/or distorted audio is not allowed
- No NSFW audio allowed over intercom
4. Teaming is perfectly fine as long as the round isn't being held up.
5. No surface camping allowed.
- SCPS/Scientists/D-Class are allowed to hide in the facility only.
6. Cheating/exploits aren't allowed.
7. Ghosting is prohibited.

By joining this SCP servers you have agreed you've read and understood the rules. Any questions or reports needing to be cleared, can be done so at our discord.

If you see one of our staff members abusing their own power, please join our discord and message D Man#2146. A video must be provided or an investigation will not proceed!

If you believe your ban was unjust, please click here to fill out an appeal. Some will contact you shortly if your appeal will be approved/denied.