The Unknown Outpost</color>



• Hosted in London by Terabit Hosting
• Friendly Fire on round end
• Auto Warhead at 20 minutes into the game
• Pink Candy
• SCP 049 Proximity Left Alt To Activate It
• RemoteKeycard
• SCP Swap

Server Rules

1. Racism, Discrimination, and Offensive Content: Any form of racism, discrimination, or offensive content is strictly prohibited.

2. Harassment, Toxicity, and Baseless Accusations: Harassing other players, promoting toxicity, and making baseless out-of-game accusations against fellow players are not allowed.

3. Mic Spamming: Do not engage in mic spamming. Soundboards are allowed, but ensure they do not disrupt others, and please stop if asked to do so.

4. No Hacking, Cheating, or Exploiting.

5. Round Delay: Do not purposely stall the round.

6. Teaming: Teaming is allowed as long as it doesn't hold up the round.

7. Respect Toward Staff: Please be respectful towards our staff.

8. Phishing, Scamming, and Illicit Activities: Engaging in phishing, scamming, or any other illegal activities is strictly forbidden.

9. Impersonation: Impersonating staff or other players is strictly prohibited.

10. Advertisements: Keep advertisements, including server and streaming channel promotions, to a minimum.

11. False Reporting and Abuse: Reporting players falsely and abusing the in-game reporting function is against the rules.

12. Team Sabotage: Deliberate sabotage by MTF, Chaos, or SCPs is not allowed.

13. Leaving and Spawning: Repeatedly leaving or suiciding to evade an SCP or spawning as a role you do not wish to play is prohibited.

Be sure to join the discord if you have a problem with someone, our rules, or you just want to have a chat with us!