[US EAST] Three Musketeers
Welcome to Three Musketeers! We are a lightly modded friendly fire on server.

Click here to join our discord! or just copy and paste this link https://discord.gg/acqGCbrxzw

1. No targeted or mass teamkilling.
Teamkilling is when you kill someone on your own team. It is enabled to add more strategy and positioning in the game so you're not just shooting randomly. It is okay to teamkill if it is part of a bit, otherwise don't do it.

2. Do not harass others.
This could be using terms related to or deriving from homophobia, transphobia, racism, sexism, basically anything offensive. We cannot always avoid offensive terms, so I suggest just try to be nice and you will most likely follow our rules.

3. No micspamming.
Micspamming is when you repeat loud noises for an extended period of time. This could include loud or long music, as well as annoying noises. If the large majority of people are okay with it, then continue as you wish.

4. Don't hold up rounds.
If you are stuck in a room and there are no admins on to let you out (assuming you are a human) then just leave the game and rejoin. Do not purposefully stay in a spot where people cannot get you.

5. Do not kill detained persons.
When people are detained, they are basically a class you cannot kill unless you are an SCP. When you kill a handcuffed person, you are teamkilling. This is to ensure people can make it out safely. I suggest you announce the person is detained when you are meeting your team to deter confusion.