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To report people join the discord above.
<color="blue">The Rules:
<color="blue"> [1:] Do not provide information discovered out of the game to give an unfair advantage (metagaming).
<color="blue"> [2:] Harassment, racism, sexism, and toxic behavior are not allowed.
<color="blue"> [3:] Do not use any in-game glitches/spots to gain an unfair advantage.
<color="blue"> [4:] Purposely camping which leads to rounds being delayed will get you slain.
<color="blue"> [5:] Do not advertise without permission from the owner to do so.
<color="blue"> - Twitch and Youtube links in your name/status are allowed.
<color="blue"> [6:] Any form of cheats/hacks will get you banned.
<color="blue"> [7:] We allow mic-spamming, however, it should not be loud or excessive. Avoid mic-spamming in spectator chat, SCP <color="blue"> chat, radio chat, intercom, and intermissions.
<color="blue"> [8:] Teaming is allowed unless it is stalling the round.
<color="blue"> [9:] Team killing without a valid reason is not allowed

<color="green">Game Changes:
<color="green">Serpent's Hand: Adds a new class named Serpents Hand into the game. This class has a chance to replace a Chaos spawn <color="green">and is tasked with assisting the SCPs in eliminating all other targets.
<color="green">SCP-035: SCP-035 Spawns random items around the map that are SCP-035 in disguise. If you pick one of them up, SCP-035 <color="green">possesses your body and will proceed to fight for the SCP team
<color="green">BetterSCP939: SCP-939 size has been reduced by 25%, it's faster than humans and will get slowed down after hurting <color="green">someone. In return, its attack will be boosted based on the damage taken. The adrenaline bar will show how angry it <color="green">is.
<color="green">SCP-575: SCP-575 is a sentient (non-playable) entity that will wreak havoc around the facility. When a round starts <color="green">there is a configurable chance that SCP-575 will be present that round. If he is, after a configurable initial delay <color="green">(default 5mins), he will cause a power blackout within the facility. During this blackout, lights in both HCZ and LCZ <color="green">will be off, causing players to need flashlights or NV scopes to find their way around. (SCP's are unaffected by the <color="green">blackouts, and can see normally).
<color="green">Stalky-106: A new Stalk ability, triggered by double clicking the portal creation button in the [TAB] menu.