[ENG] All non Admins [SandBox]

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<size=200%>[№1 | Cheats]

<size=200%>cheating is prohibited

<size=200%>Punishment: Ban for 50 years

<size=200%>[№2 | Load]

<size=200%>Issuing and discarding items in large quantities. [More than 30pcs at a time]

<size=200%>Exception: Vases - 5 pcs. Balls - 10 pieces.

<size=200%>Throwing out items[dropsize]

<size=200%>in size greater than 10 by XYZ.

<size=150%>Constant call of MOG/Chaos, constant on/off of the warhead, restart of the rund.

<size=200%>Punishment: Ban from 30 minutes to 12 hours

<size=200%>[№3 | Voice Chat]

<size=200%>Annoying sounds [Ultra-loud sounds, moans, prolonged music] in the intercom/chat of observers

<size=200%>Calls to leave the server

<size=200%>Advertising of other projects.

<size=200%>Exception: Advertising in the nickname is allowed.

<size=200%>Punishment: Ban from 5 minutes to 12 hours

<size=200%>[№4 | Admin panel]

<size=200%>Teleportation of players.

<size=200%>Change the game class to players.

<size=200%>Changing the size of the players[size]

<size=200%>Giving effects to players.

<size=200%>Disabling the godmode for players.

<size=200%>Kills using the kill console command.

<size=200%>Blocking the screen with cassie text.

<size=200%>Mute and disarm other players


<size=200%>Punishment: Ban from 10 minutes to 3 hours