The Bathtub

1: Do as Admins/Mods say
(Arguing with Admins/Mods will result in warning or ban)

2: Harassment, Racism, and use of slurs are strictly PROHIBITED.
3: Exploiting will result in a permanent ban.
4: Encouragement to break rules will result in warning or ban.
5: Camping in inaccessible spots will get you kicked.
No music. Soundboards are allow in local chat.

As an SCP, KOS is allowed.
KOS between Scientist and D-Class is prohibited. (Unless they don't cooperate)
(Not cooperating as in, pulls out gun or wont follow after being detained)
KOS between Chaos and MTF is allowed.

SCP's are allowed to be friendly occasionally
(Faking friendly to gain trust and then kill will get you kicked)
Chaos may team will SCP.
Teams may cooperate for survival until the reason for working together is gone.
(Locked in a room together, Being chased by an SCP)