[UK] The Slaughter

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Welcome to The slaughter a quiet SCP server, read the rules: SL
This server is initially English but anyone from EU, US, SA, DE and AU can join knowing the language or a little

[1] no disrespect. [6 horas ban]
[2] Do not use voice/music/audio modulators in spectator, intercom, scp voice chat, radio, and at the end of each round. It is also not allowed to put audios or play NSFW sounds for any chat.[7 horas ban]
[3] not profiting from mistakes to gain an advantage(a no ser que sea intencionado) [1 dia ban-perma]
[4] It is totally forbidden to stay in places "unreachable" For the scp. [3 horas ban]
[5] don't kill scientists or class d arrested for no reason(could be done if he doesn't obey your commands or runs away) [10 horas ban]
[6] don't stay more than three minutes as a scp in the same room as(914,00,candy,096,106)[3 horas ban]
[7] don't stay more than three minutes in the same room as a human, if there is no threat outside.(914,armory,heavy ,light,candys,096,106)[3 horas ban]
[8] do not use cheats or hacks.[permaban]
[9] No mic-spam, or earrape in spectator, intercom, or in scp chat.[6 hours ban]
[10] don't commit suicide for no reason (This includes being a zombie or being revived by scp 049.).[6 hours ban]
[11] do not close doors to colleagues(includes leaving abandoned in room where card is needed).[3 hours ban]
[12] It is forbidden to talk about political/religious issues or conflicts.[8 horas ban]
[13] do not team up between humans and scp (This can be done when there are no d classes left and can only be done between chaos and scp.).[8 horas ban]
[14] don't troll on 914(this includes stealing items and changing the machine to rough, 1:1 and fine).[1 horas ban]
[15] is prohibited spawn as ntf/chaos go kill a scientist/class d if no reason.(You can't kill yourself if you don't pose a threat.)[9 horas ban]
[16] not reveal the identity of a staff.[2 hours ban]
[17] do not disturb the server staff.[4 horas ban]

!!Any breach of the rules can be penalized!!
=The rules may change, to be aware of them, enter the community Discord=