1. No spam talking or repeated message. This will include as a warning.

2. No ALT accounts or such, as for we do not need to cheat our way to the top. All ALT account users will be banned, both accounts.

3. When a role higher than you says to stop, stop, or be warned.

4. Do not give out personal info. For example (Examples are random) may be:
Phone Number: 562-372-1999.
Password: ********
Address: 372 Random St. Seattle WA.
Age: 32.
Email: [email protected]

5. Use each chat for its purpose. For example, do not do memes on General-Chat.

6. Do not curse rudly. People don't want to hear your shit. Only curse if the time is right. Ex: YOU ARE A FUCKING MORON WITH A FUCKING IDIOT HEAD THAT SHITS!

7. Do not find loopholes through the rules.

8. Warnings are and can get you a ban! Don't try them out!.

9. If muted, only talk in no-mic if you believe you should not be Muted.

10. Spell to the best of your ability.

11. Do not copy other's ideas, although you may join them.

12. Do not copy stuff from other sites, or anything else. The message has to be a discord quote or worded by yourself.

13. No offense jokes.

14. Saying the n-word will lead to a mute for a the time we decide.