Skillz's Fun House

"The Freshest server around." - Craiguuu

Please read the rules before proceeding!

[1]: No holding the round up on purpose
[2]: No begging for permissions
[3]: No Mic spam, boosting, etc.
[4]: Don't complain about dying, you will respawn eventually or the round will end
[5]: Try not to team kill if FF (Friendly fire) is on
[6]: No killing D-class unless they have their gun out or are not co-operating
[7]: Use of racial slurs, racism, homophobic slurs, etc, will result in a couple day ban.
[8]: Teaming is allowed if it does not hold up the round in any way
[9]: Cheating/abusing exploits is not tolerated and will result in a 7 day ban.
[10]: No committing suicide if you become 049-2
[11]: Targeting staff/content creators/streamers is not allowed and will result in a kick. Repeated offenses will result in a 1-2 day ban depending on how many times you did it.
[12]: Please No KOS (Kill On Sight). This applies to D-Class killing Scientist, Scientist killing D-Class, and Facility Guard killing D-Class. D-Class ARE allowed to KOS Facility Guards as long as the D-Class are not surrendered. Chaos Insurgency ARE allowed to KOS scientist as long as they are not cuffed, and MTF/Guard are allowed to KOS Chaos. Please refrain from shooting a cuffed player as much as possible. If you see somebody holding a weapon and are actively attacking you with said weapon, or they are not following your orders, you are allowed to kill them. The punishment will be decided depending on severity for breaking this rule.
[13]: If you become 035, the KOS rule still applies but there are some exceptions. If someone is being annoying, you can kill them (if you have a gun or something). But you are not allowed to just go on a killing spree of everyone. That is still KOS. Use being 035 to your advantage. And just use common sense.
[14]: Staff have final say in all arguments.
[15]: Have fun and play nice!