<color=#264a52>|<color=#ffd500>The <color=#ffd500>Entire<color=#264a52>| <color=#264a52>|<color=#b00000>Communist <color=#b00000>Party<color=#264a52>|

<size=20>Discord (Clickable)</size=20>

<color=yellow><align="left">All of our operations involve being in our discord, Reporting, updates, event announcements and more!:

<color=#C50000>Our Rules:
<color=#b8271f>We have staff to enforce these rules whenever people are on to ensure the safest SCP:sl experience so your fun is never ruined!

<color=#00ff68>1. For the sake of realism, friendly fire has been enabled, you cannot purposely kill a teammate without their permission.

2. Racial slurs are prohibited.

3. Do not harass or purposely target other players.

4. Mic spamming, including playing loud sounds, is prohibited.

5. No cheating or exploiting. Threats of DDosing, cheating, etc. is also punishable offense.

6. Do not disrespect team members and staff, they are people too!

7. Basically, anything that is a common-sense rule.<color></b>/size>