[UK/EU]<align=center><color=#8137CE>Charon's Co-Op | SCP:SL

<size=12>What is Charon's Co-Op? Charon's Co-Op is a revamp of a old server, with a focus on making the game fun and balanced.

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IN GAME RULES </color>

<size=12><color=#ffffff>1) KOS Is tolerated within a extent. No mass murders are allowed, however if you have a reason to kill someone IE; (You have a scientist and believe a D-class could pose a threat.) you can kill someone.

2) Toxicity, flaming, bullying, and harassment are not allowed.
Be civilized; don't throw a extreme amount of unnecessary insults or purposely antagonize others.

3) No NSFW content.
Don't hold overly sexual or gory discussions within the chat.

4) No trolling.
Don't provoke people or purposely attempt to annoy people using the mic chat, this includes sound boards, music, and other types of "Mic spam", and other types of sabotaging your team such as; (Shutting doors on your team, Disabling generators, 079 Killing fellow anomaly's.)

5) No advertising.
Advertisement of any product(s), service(s), etc. is prohibited in the server. Direct messaging members with advertisements without their explicit permission also counts as an infraction of this rule.

6) No holding up the round, this applies for when a SCP is hiding in a room so they won't die, or someone hides for a MTF/CI spawn. Just let yourself die.

7) False reporting and abuse of in-game, and out of game reporting function are prohibited.

8) Calling out moderators who have hidden tags is prohibited.

9) No teaming between CI and SCP's, CI can purposely avoid SCP's, however no teaming between them.

10) Have fun!