yo whats up welcome to zay's laboratory
discord (clickable)

1. be nice
2. no soundboards pls
3. no racism
4. no camping or making rounds longer than needed
5. no hacking obviously
6. no zombie suicide
this server is pretty lenient but admins/mods may ban/kick/warn you for things not on this list that are under normal human common sense

server plugins
remotekeycard - you can open doors without having to pull out your keycard aslong as you have the respective keycard
respawntimer - shows how long until you respawn as chaos or ntf
scpswap - as an scp type .scpswap {scp number} in terminal (`) to switch your scp aslong as its not taken
spectatorlist - shows who's spectating you
endroundff - at the end of rounds you can shoot eachother
admintools - extra stuff for admins
uiusquad - buffed ntf that come to save the first ntf wave