The Hideaway
Welcome to The Hideaway, feel free to join our friendly Discord community!


Server Rules

1. Be respectful to other players. Do not use offensive, hateful, hurtful, or disrespectful words towards players or staff.
2. KOS is not allowed on Class-D/Scientists if they are following orders
3. Micspam is not permitted on isolated chats such as Spectator Chat, SCP Chat, Radio, Intercom, etc. Micspam is considered as loud, obnoxious, or annoying sounds. Please listen to staff and stop if they ask you to stop.
4. Team sabotage is not allowed. This includes turning off generators as MTF, using tesla gates on SCP's as SCP-079, undetaining a class-d/scientist right before escaping to prevent your team from winning, etc.
5. Please do not delay the round by purposefully avoiding confrontation, hiding in a room, etc.
6. Cheating, exploiting, doxing, and DDoSing are strictly prohibited.
7. Teaming and camping are allowed as long as it does not delay the round.
8. Do not use "loopholes" around rules, if you are breaking common sense, staff members are permitted to remove you from the server.
9. Sexual, pedophilic, and NSFW are not permitted in any including bullet hole drawings.
10. Toxic behavior is not tolerated.

To appeal for a ban, Click Here.
For any other questions or concerns, feel free to use the support channels in the Discord server to find help.