Hi! Welcome to Shibe Drill's SCP:SL server!

Here, we promote teamwork, communication, tactics, & methodical gameplay.
Joking & tomfoolery is also permitted, but tactical gameplay is very much encouraged.
Please read the Rules (1-13) before you play.

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1. Exercise use of force appropriately.
1a. Armed D-class may be killed if they fire at Foundation personnel. Cooperative D-class, armed or not, should be detained.
1b. As a human, is forbidden to kill cuffed Scientists or D-class, or to un-cuff personnel with the intent to kill them.
1c. D-class or Scientist Kill-On-Sight is heavily discouraged. Repeated misconduct warrants discipline at admin discretion.
2. Do not abuse the report system by submitting false reports.
3. Treat combat seriously, and generally, try to listen to your superiors (Commanders and Sergeants). Do not sabotage your team (closing doors, flashbanging, dealing damage, suiciding, destroying important items, et cetera).
4. Friendly fire is ON. Team kills will be met with discipline, intentional or not.
5. No exploits. No cheating. No abusing bugs to your advantage, or to the detriment of others.
6. No disrespect/disobeying direct orders from the owner, moderators, or admins. Do not lie to server staff members.
7. No using alts to get around bans.
8. No hate speech/slurs/general assholery or toxicity.
9. If you micspam, it should be bearable OR funny. Micspam is prohibited in spectator chat, SCP chat, Intercom, and on the radio. The only exception is if everyone else agrees that it is acceptable.
10. No players under 14 years of age.
11. Do not impersonate members of the server staff team or Northwood staff.
12. Suiciding as SCP-049-2, or disconnecting to prevent being resurrected, is forbidden.
13. Suiciding as any SCP is forbidden, unless you are the only thing preventing the round from ending, and you are vastly outnumbered.