DragonSCP Community

Fun server that sometimes has fun little events when players start to get bored! We also have a discord so that the members of our community and the people that love the server can post memes and have fun with each other!
Join our discord here!

General rules;
<indent=5%>1) Hateful conduct (racism, homophobic slurs, insulting/degrading a specific group of individuals) is not tolerated at any point on our servers (This includes all variations of the N-word).</indent>
<indent=5%>2) Harassment of community members is not tolerated. If someone tells you to stop, you stop.</indent>
<indent=5%>3) Offensive content is strictly prohibited. If you are making a joke, make sure that any other person(s) involved is aware that it is a joke.</indent>
<indent=5%>4) Ear-rape is not allowed.</indent>
<indent=5%>5) Do not talk in other languages. Making small comments is fine, but no large conversations. If asked by staff to talk English, you must do so.</indent>
<indent=5%>6) NSFW/NSFL content is not allowed under any circumstances.</indent>
<indent=5%>7) Do not bypass any punishments for either yourself or for other community members. This includes (but not limited to) bypassing bans, discord mutes/warns, and sharing content with banned users.</indent>
<indent=5%>8) Respect your fellow community members. If you have an issue with someone, either block them or ignore them.</indent>
<indent=5%>9) Use common sense at ALL times.</indent>

SCP: Secret Laboratory rules;
<indent=5%>1) No teamkilling, however D-class on D-class is allowed.</indent>
<indent=5%>2) Do not prolong the round on purpose.</indent>
<indent=5%>3) Micspam is allowed only in proximity (human) chat.</indent>
<indent=6%> - In addition to this, playing copyrighted music while streamers are online on our servers is not allowed at any point.</indent>
<indent=6%> - Using the intercom without saying anything counts as micspam.</indent>
<indent=5%>4) Indirect teamkilling (such as teaming or closing doors on fellow teammates) counts as teamkilling.</indent>
<indent=5%>5) NTF (including Facility Guards and Scientists) are not allowed to team with SCPS. Chaos (and D-class) are allowed to team with SCPs after the first respawn wave.</indent>
<indent=5%>6) Do not kill disarmed players unless they disobey orders, or their original faction spawns.</indent>
<indent=5%>7) When asked by a staff member, you are required to talk in English.</indent>
<indent=5%>8) Modified clients and glitch exploiting is prohibited. Usage of these will result in an instant 50y ban from the server, and possible game ban.</indent>
<indent=6%> - Furthermore, revealing a moderator (either staff or global) at any point will also result in a server ban.</indent>
<indent=6%> - Ghosting also falls under this rule, and is classed as cheating.</indent>
<indent=5%>9) Use common sense when playing.</indent>

Note: The server staff reserve the right to warn, mute, kick and/or ban for actions that are deemed to be against these rules, but not strictly stated in them.