This is the server of site [DATA EXPUNGED]. A place of chaos and misery.
You must have come here to fix it right? That would be the only explanation wouldn't it?
Well, if that's the case, I would recommend you read the rules and get ready for what's waiting for you.

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1. Save the D-Bois!
- Haven't they been through enough sh*t? Don't you think they've got their redemption!?
- If you're a guard or mobile task force, you should by all means necessary, get a disarmer and save these poor humans, though if they show hostility, you will be required to execute them, for your own life's sake.

2. Do not team with the wrong side!
- We are here only to restore the greatness of the foundation and banish all chaos for the sake of the world!
- If you're guard, mtf or scientist, teaming with SCPs would be absurd! Your job is to recontain the SCPs and cleanse the facility for chaos.
- As a scientist, you could team with chaos and become one yourself! Remember disarmers chaos...
- As a chaos insurgent you can team with SCPs, as your role is to cause chaos and show the world what's out there, but not to kill your precious dbois!

- The foundation might be heartless, but not joyless. Have fun! It will make it easier for everyone to restore the foundation's greatness!
- Don't be salty or toxic. Salt is best on food, and I believe you can leave it in your kitchen as you're here, while toxins aren't good for anything!
- GOOD LIFE RULE: Make someone's day better, it will make your's too :D

- After SCP-106 got moved to the facility large sinkholes started appearing. They would slow you down, and eventually send you to another dimension. We found that out the hard way when a class-d decided to run off... Apparently 106 also has the ability to teleport to people. It's not known how long he has had this ability.
- As this is the facility SCP-575 got moved to, 575 might turn off the facility power generator and cause a complete blackout.
- SCPs are also known to be stronger now for some reason, and therefor the MTF armor has been upgraded.
- The 914 will also let you upgrade stuff without dropping it.
- You might also find tranquilizers lying around the facility. This might get useful, but the darts are rare and expensive, so count your bullets!