Peanut's Laboratory

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1. Be friendly with other players, any toxicity or harassment is not allowed.
2. No micspamming, earraping, or NSFW audio of any kind. Soundboard use is allowed for donors only.
3. Guards may not kill D-class in Light Containment Zone unless it's self defense, or until either MTF or Chaos arrive.
4. Griefing teammates is not allowed (e.g. closing doors on teammates, teamkilling as SCP-079, abusing SCP-914 etc.)
5. Scientists/Guards/MTF may not team with either SCPs or Chaos Insurgency.
6. Do not shoot detained personnel; one case you may uncuff and kill is if they are delaying the round as a whole.
7. Respect our staff team and do not impersonate them, leaving during a ban process will end in a permanent ban.
8. Any loopholes to the rules above can be punishable.
We can clear up any questions/comments in our Discord server!

By playing in Peanut's Laboratory, you agree to follow the Steam Subscriber Agreement as well as the SCP: Secret Laboratory EULA