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Roleplay Server Rules

**General Rules always apply whereas Roleplay Rules only apply when there is an RP**

General Rules
1. Be respectful to everyone. Do not be racist, homophobic, etc. Slurs are included in this rule.
2. Harassment of all kinds is prohibited. Impersonation is also banned.
3. Do not attempt to cause problems within the server or encourage others to break rules.
4. Hacking and exploiting are strictly prohibited.
5. Soundboards may not be used in spectator chat. Furthermore, earrape or other annoying sounds are prohibited in all voice chats.
6. Ghosting is strictly prohibited.
7. Killing D-Class or Scientists on sight is prohibited unless they are posing an active threat. Killing cuffed classes is also prohibited unless they are uncompliant.
8. False surrender (saying you surrendered and betraying the person you surrendered to) is not allowed.
9. Cross-teaming is not allowed unless it benefits both teams. After the mutual benefit expires the teams must separate or fight. You are allowed to give "mercy" to an enemy class so long as it does not sabotage the team.
10. Team sabotage is not allowed.
11. Do not stall or delay rounds.
12. Punishment evasion is not allowed.

Roleplay Rules
1. Don't use SCP-914 unless otherwise specified.
2. Do not use SCP items unless there are circumstances that would warrant their usage.
3. Trolling is strictly prohibited.
4. Teamkilling is not allowed unless necessary for self-defense.
5. Soundboards are not allowed.

A reminder that staff have discretion over punishments. Even if you do something that isn't listed here, a member of the moderation team may decide what you have done is detrimental to the server. If you have an issue with what they did you may go to Discord and report them to their superior.