[UK] SCP Operatives

Discord Link = https://discord.gg/4fq83kx9

Server Features: (to be added in furture once plugins are updated)
-Events (Hide and seek, peanut run, VIP) happen regularly - join our discord server!
-Serpents hand spawn throughout the game
-D class spawn with extra items (coins, cards, flashlights)
-SCP 049 can speak in proximity chat
-between rounds, chill in rooms like 079's chamber, emergency shelter etc.
-respawn timer will show who and when you will spawn as (and the number of tickets)

1) You must be 13 or over to play on this server
2) Be respectful, no racism, no homophobia - it will see you get banned
3) Hacking will get you banned
4) Do not harrass anyone and continually annoying people
5) Do not mic spam over the radio, intercom or in scp chat
6) Do not sabotage your own team (getting fellow MTF, facility guards or chaos killed, killing fellow SCPs).
7) D-class can sabotage other d-class (but not Chaos Insurgency).
8) Chaos and SCPs can team