Hell's Gate Deathmatch Server

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Subject to change!

1) No derogatory behavior of any kind. We're all for fun here at Hell's Gate, but
behaviors like transphobia/homophobia and racism is strictly prohibited.
<color=#ff7f00>2) Basegame exploits are disallowed.

3) Refusing to end a round between 2 or more people is prohibited and said players will have
increasing punishments if they do it more often.

4) While we do not yet have this enforced by a plugin, we politely ask our playerbase to "Not
kill in light containment" as it is planned to be a "safe zone" where weapons can't be equipped, but can still be in your inventory.

5) Constant mic spam is not allowed, subtle music playing and sound effects in prox chat are
okay, but elsewhere is not allowed.

Gunplay changes
1) Most weapons do around half damage, pistols, the shotgun and the A7 a bit more, so that time to
kill on the server is longer and the gunplay is more proactive!

2) Health is refilled on kill!
3) You cannot run out of ammo!
4) You cannot use body armour!
5) Weapon handling is extremely increased! 50% shorter reloading, 50% less recoil, ADS inaccuracy
penalties reduced by 60%, ADS switching as well as equipping items and using medical items is 40% quicker, the shotgun fires quicker (presumably 40-50%), item pickup speed is 120% quicker, and ADS spread is reduced by 33%!

6) Only 1 weapon may be held at a time! No loot-hoarding!

Gameplay changes
1) Decontamination happens after 5 minutes, entrance zone is locked until it happens, after another
5 minutes the alpha warhead will activate and unlock surface!
<color=#ff7f00>2) There is lobby music and 2 combat songs for the round!

3) Fall damage and stamina have been removed!
4) You can hold 8 of any item aside from only 2 medical items and 1 weapon!
5) Player names can be seen from 10x as far!

<color=#ff00ff>7) Most normal doors are locked open!

8) Your coins can be turned into items at 914:
Rough -> Anti-207
Coarse -> 207
1:1 -> Research supervisor keycard
Fine -> 1853
Very fine -> 268

Super secret tip: Look inside the evac shelter in entrance zone!

DISCLAIMER: Until updated, SCP-1853 is functionally useless on this server, it's recommended trying to switch it out at 914 or getting rid of it!