Spark Community Server

Who are we? Just a bunch of friends that decided they wanted to expand to form a community.

Find us in our Discord channel if you need help, want to chat, or get your hands on those fancy ranks!

The golden rule

We get it, you just want to play without having to constantly be reminded about the rules.

Because of that, we only really have one:

Don't be a dick and use some common sense before you do or say anything.

Our admins love screwing around as much as you guys do, but they are the judge of what is happening - not you.


Enjoying our servers? Want to help us out while also getting your hands on a fancy title and some goodies? Then head over to our Patreon Page!

Even with $1 you'll be helping us out a ton, and you'll get access to some goodies in our servers and on Discord!

Getting timed out before even joining? Several IP blocks have been blocked from joining due to huge amounts of cheaters, trolls or users with an excessively high ping. You'll have to use a VPN and register over at our Discord to connect.