Spark Community Server

Who are we? Just a bunch of friends that decided they wanted to expand to form a community.

Find us in our Discord channel if you need help or just want to chat! Or head over to website if you want to get your hands on one of those fancy ranks!

The golden rule

We get it, you just want to play without having to constantly be reminded about the rules.

Because of that, we only really have one:

Don't be a dick and use some common sense before you do or say anything.

Our admins love screwing around as much as you guys do, but they are the judge of what is happening - not you.


Enjoying our servers? Want to help us out while also getting your hands on a fancy title and some goodies? Then head over to our Patreon Page!

Even with $1 you'll be helping us out a ton, and you'll get access to some goodies in our servers and on Discord!

Non-standard server settings

We have a pretty significant set of changes in place in an attempt to better balance the SCP's and player loadouts, but a few of the most important changes are:

- Custom ranks! Head over to our website to learn how to get them.
- AFK users are automatically kicked after 4 minutes.
- A complete rebalance of the default player loadouts, including some minor randomization for scientists and D-class players.
- An increased health pool for SCP-096, 106 and 173.
- A minor regenerative ability for SCP's while they are standing completely still.
- The surface nuke room cannot be closed after being opened as to prevent camping.
- The nuke will automatically start it's countdown after 20 minutes to flush out camping players.
- A rebalance to the MTF and CI spawnwaves both in size and interval.
- And a few other things that you'll find out by playing yourself!

By playing on this server you, the player, consent to your character, details, and/or voice being recorded for use in public promotional material, evidence, statistics and/or security.